Now days, the singles who are not married are growing in numbers and they would often like to use the different types of latest technology smart phones and also social media in order to be updated about everything. There are so many reasons including cultural and financial for why some of the house owners will not allot the portion to the singles in texas. But there are several numbers of areas available to allot the residential areas to the singles and those places are most probably suitable for the lifestyle of the singles.

College StationBest cities for singles to live in Texas:

  • Dallas
  • Addison
  • College Station
  • Houston
  • Webster
  • Austin
  • San Marcos
  • Odessa

All these cities are definitely the highly suitable places to live in Texas when you are not married. They are also top and safe places for singles based on the various factors such as percentage of households with kids, percentage of population which is male Vs Female, population density, median age, number of unmarried people in every city and more. With all these reasons only all of these cities have got the maximum scores to be the top places for singles.

List of suitable cities for singles in Texas:


  • Dallas – Dallas is definitely the most beautiful and top city for singles in Texas State, United States. It is recognized to be the 4th most populous metropolitan area in US and also 9th rank in city population in US and 3rd in the Texas State after San Antonio and Houston. It is absolutely the most suitable place for the people who are all not married to live with your friends.
  • Addison – Addison is actually an incorporated town in the entire Dallas County, Texas, US and it is located to the immediate North region of the Dallas city. This city is well known within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area for its excessive numbers of nightlife and restaurants. This is why it would be considered to be a right place to live in texas for singles.
  • College Station – It is the city in Brazos County, Texas located in the center of the area known as Texas Triangle. As it is the metropolitan city, you can get all the latest facilities here and there are several numbers of residential areas available now for single men in texas.
  • Houston – It is the most populous city in Texas State and it is considered to be the fourth most populous city of the country with the population of 2.303 million just within the 599.59 square miles land area. It is also the largest city in Southern region of US and also the seat of the Harris County. Many youngsters who are all not married always want to live here in this city.

All these cities are definitely suitable for the singles to live, work, study or even to do your own business in the best manner.